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Friday 26 February, 2021

Hire a Zoom Meeting Interpreter

A Zoom meeting may not run smoothly if issues such as interpreting are required if businesses and individuals conducting talks are from different countries. It will require the skills of an experienced interpreter to help the conversations run smoothly.

The challenges currently being faced by business have highlighted the need to embrace technologies to fill the gap from being able to travel and meet face-to-face with customers, suppliers and stakeholders. 

Zoom conference calls have become a mainstay for businesses across the world to continue their meetings and discussions despite the difficulties. 

Confidential Zoom Interpreting 

Many businesses that conduct their meetings via a Zoom call will have a final transcript taken by either the moderator or designated minute taker. These transcripts may need to be accurately translated into other languages before being sent to the respective parties. 

As with face-to-face meetings and subsequent documentation, there will frequently be matters that are sensitive or confidential to the businesses involved. It is times like these that the interpreter will need to show they are trustworthy.

At Romo Translations, to provide peace-of-mind for our clients, all our interpreters will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to the start of the meeting. 

Where required, our live meeting interpreters can work either as a participant that can be seen via the camera, or if preferred, they can work as an audio interpreter only. It all is dependent on your choice. 

Industry qualified interpreting for Zoom meetings

As with all business-related translations, it is imperative that the interpreter has the knowledge and understanding of the industry subject that is being discussed. These qualifications provide the basis for them to accurately translate the technical information or nuances of the subject. 

Romo Translations have interpreters that are qualified and experienced in many different industries. A few examples include:

We fully appreciate that, by the sheer nature of dealing with multiple countries, there are going to be occasions when there will be differing time zones to deal with. We are able to take these time differences into consideration when dealing with your Zoom meetings and can accommodate all variances.

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