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Translation experts are required in all sectors of business to provide correct correspondence between clients, CEO’s, employees, owners and business operators. London based translation agency, Romo Translations, is your leader in Korean translation . We have dedicated 18 years to bridging the language gap and offer a tailor made translation service for specific industry sectors that require highly skilled, qualified linguists. Information that is privileged and essential will be related across the language barrier with a Korean translation expert.

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The industry sectors that we focus on are financial, medical, law, engineering, mining, shipping, advertising and insurance. We pay special attention to the requirements given by our clients. All documents can be certified, legalised and/or notarised upon request. We handpick a professional linguist that is fluent in Korean and trained in the specific industry required. To translate a medical examination or engineer’s report is a daunting task, especially when communicating accurate, industry specific jargon. Our Korean translation experts will meet the challenge with ease and provide the best solution to dealing with international clients and partners. Contact us now for professional Korean translation.

Additional Korean Translation Services

We provide secondary services that offer great assistance to our clients. Use Korean translation in audio format to record a voice over or translate a document. An English to Korean translator can attend conferences and meetings to liaise with Korean business partners and clients. We offer additional Korean translation skills focusing on proof reading and editing, giving you a complete linguistic service. Aside from Korean, we have experts fluent in German translation, English to French translation, Italian translation, Spanish translation and Japanese translation.

A UK team of trained translators and proofreaders established Romo Translations in 1989. We have since expanded our London office to include offices in five continents. This provides our customers with over 110 languages in industry specific sectors. We know how to make your company thrive in an international environment, and have selected only the best linguists in their chosen fields to represent our agency. Many corporations need Korean translation, as Korea is a popular business partner and supplier for medical, commercial, engineering and motor industries. To get excellent Korean translation for your company, contact Romo Translations today.

Korean Translators for Business

Korean translation will help your business to reach a new level in your chosen target market. Crossing international boundaries is beneficial to any company. With a native Korean speaker who understands the culture and intricacies of the language, your business will soar. Our Korean translators provide an accurate language translation service that will help you to forge long lasting relationships with your foreign partners. We also offer confidential Korean translation for medical practitioners and law firms. If you need to maintain attorney / client privileges or doctor / patient confidentiality, we can be of service. Email us with your request and we will get to work selecting the perfect translator interpreter for your requirements. Alternatively, visit our London offices in Old Marylebone Road or fill out the online form for immediate service regarding your foreign correspondence needs and let Romo Translations work for you.

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