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Interpreters in London

Interpreting, in general terms, is the task of making ideas more understandable and this is at the heart of the services that London based Romo Translations offers. Each professional interpreter at Romo aims to foster integration and understanding between different people and language groups. To this end, both consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpreting services are offered.

Highly Skilled Interpreters

Romo's interpreting service is supported by a team of highly skilled interpreters who seamlessly communicate between the target languages without a minute's delay, serving a vital role in international relations. Our professional interpretation service is focused on conveying the core meaning of language, rather than providing a confusing direct translation. Each multi-lingual interpreter on our team is highly knowledgeable in specialised fields and this breadth of understanding enhances the flexibility of our interpreting services.

Romo's professional interpreting services are either consecutive or simultaneous.

Our interpreter provide interpreting for:

  • Immigration (national and international court appearances)
  • Court interpreters required by Barristers, lawyers and Solicitors
  • Interpreting services for business meetings, seminars, trade fairs, factory tours, training seminars and negotiations
  • Health services (hospitals, doctor's practices)
  • Public Authorities (registry offices, social security offices and police)
  • And many other areas requiring interpretation translation services including national and international conferences

Interpreters in London

Our interpreting service is based in London, however we offer national and international services as well. Whether you need a quick telephone interpretation or a team of professional interpreters to work on a large project, we tailor our service to meet your specific interpreting needs.

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