Technical Translators

Technical Translators

Technical Translation Services

One of London based Romo Translations’ most specialised services is technical or engineering translation. A technical translation is one of the hardest translations to perform: not only does it demand an advanced degree in a highly technical field, it also demands, precision, patience and experience working with a number of industrial documents. An engineering translation is a prime example of the dedication that has to go into a technical language translation. The translator will not only be immersed in complicated technical terms, she will also have to look at maths equations, scientific models and a whole host of industry-specific jargon.

Technical Translation Areas

Technical translations are, literally, like rocket science: they encompass anything from translations on space technologies or nuclear energy to civil engineering translations. The term also covers the translations for a host of technical documents including:

  • Translation of technical user manuals
  • Translation of technical drawings
  • Translation of scientific documents
  • Translation of engineering specifications
  • Software translations
  • Translation of documents for any technical/engineering project

Romo has many successful technical projects to its name. Our technical translators have a proven track record in a scientific or engineering field, as well as complete fluency in at least two languages and a knack for excellent communication.

Whether your company is working on a large multi-national project or you need a quick engineering translation for a client, Romo’s technical translation service will cover all the bases. we also offer insurance and financial translations.

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