Legal Services London

Legal Services London

Romo Translations, based in London, provides a range of Legal Services to our clients from applying for visas and work permits through to legal document translations including documents such as certified, notarised and sworn legal translations.

Our Legal Services

Power of Attorney for Egypt

We can help you deal with the preparation of Power of Attorneys for the Egyptian Consulate. It is usual that any Power of Attorney issued within the UK for Egypt will require attestation prior to its use in Egypt itself.

The attestation process comprises of 2 phases which includes the inclusion of a UK Apostille Stamp followed by an Egyptian Apostille Stamp issued by the Consulate.

There is a range of documents that will require professional legalisation with the most common being:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Qualifications
  • Company Registration Documentation

As part of the Power of Attorney process, we provide all the necessary Egyptian to English or English to Egyptian translations to ensure the documents are accurate and the legal process runs smoothly.

Power of Attorneys for the Egyptian Consulate Service


An Apostille will be required when public documents are being used in different countries that are party to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. They are needed when a foreign authority seeks to ratify the legitimacy of a certificate as having been legally produced in the UK.

Here at Romo Translations, we provide our clients with the legalisation of the document translation by the British Foreign Office.

UK Apostille Legalisation Services in London


The definition of a Notary is classified as being a solicitor that has acquired additional and appropriate qualifications, in order that, when they sign a document, it is deemed to have been 'notarised'. Notarisation means a Notary Public signing a document with the authenticated signature(s) of the person or people required to sign it. The signature of a notary public witnessing the signature(s), accompanied by an impression of his or her official notary seal validates the signatures.

Romo Translations provide the notarisation of the translation by the Notary Public, ensuring that all the translated documents are validated for use.

Notarisation of Documents Services in London

Visa services for oil companies in Angola

Applying for and obtaining a work visa for the Oil and Gas sector in Angola is notoriously complex. There are a large number of documents that are required by the Angolan authorities when an application is made, these include notarized as well as bank details, employment offer and criminal record check, to name but a few. The application process is officially viewed as taking approximately 60-days, however it is commonplace for the applications to take between 4-5 months.

Here at Romo Translations we help UK oil and gas workers to navigate the complexities of the application process to support them in their requirement to obtain the visa to work in Angola. We provide legally certified translations as well as the notarisation of signatures as part of our professional support to our clients.

Work Visa Service for Angola Oil and Gas Industry

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