Power of Attorney for Egypt Services London

Power of Attorney for Egypt Services London

Romo are London based Power of Attorneys process experts for the Egyptian Consulate.

Our Egyptian Document Translations Services based in London can help you deal with the preparation of Power of Attorneys for the Egyptian Consulate. It is usual that any Power of Attorney issued within the UK for Egypt will require attestation prior to its use in Egypt itself.

What is Egyptian Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney for the use in Egypt is a legally authorised document that provides the legal basis for someone to act on behalf of someone else. It is often related to some legal or financial circumstance and is often limited to a particular length of time. The person who will be legally representing the other person “client” is known as the “Agent” and can be anyone appointed by the client.

The level, extent and reach of the legal powers the Agent is permitted is clearly defined by the client and will always be in a written format.

The Egyptian document translations service we offer delivers accurate Egyptian translations for all the common forms of Power of Attorney including:

  • General power of Attorney – Provides the agent complete powers for:
    • Financial
    • Medical
    • Legal situations
  • Limited power of Attorney – Provides specific and specified situations
  • Special Power of Attorney – Provides specific and specified situations

Egyptian Power of Attorney Process

The process contains 2 phases which includes the requirement of a UK Apostille Stamp followed by an Egyptian Apostille Stamp which is issued by the Consulate. Our Power of Attorney for Egypt service provides all the necessary Egyptian to English or English to Egyptian translations to ensure the documents are accurate and the legal process runs smoothly.

What is covered by a Power of Attorney?

There is a range of documents that will require professional legalisation with the most common being:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Qualifications
  • Company Registration Documentation

To speak to a Power of Attorneys process specialist for the Egyptian Consulate in London please call 0203 696 8680.

“Romo Translations gets top marks for efficiency and service from me. I had an urgent document that required certified translation at the eleventh hour and Romo got it done for me in a couple of hours. Super reactive, excellent communication as well as fast and friendly service, I recommend them highly!”

Catherine Thome, London

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