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What do I need to know about Romo’s Latin translation services?

Romo Translations is a London based translation agency that provides you with a team of highly-skilled and accurate English-Latin translators whom you can trust with even the most confidential texts.

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Romo Translations can assist you with Latin in any of the following areas:

  • Legal letter drafting and documentation
  • Audio translation
  • Meetings
  • Latin for online and website translations
  • Mottos and logs
  • And any other translation you require

Romo offers Latin-English translations for a variety of specialised industries including;

  • Trade and commerce
  • Automotive
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Medical and health care
  • Engineering translation
  • Mining, and
  • Insurance

What do I need to know about Latin for translation purposes?

Latin was the global language of the ancient world, much like English is today. The Roman Empire used it for trade and learning, it later became an important language in European Universities and was the medium for biblical translations in medieval times. As Latin was replaced by modern Romance languages, such as French and Italian, it was delegated to the formal language of law, scientific classification, mottos (such as those used at schools and Universities) and coats of arms (such as family crests). It still plays an integral part in law and the Catholic Church and so ecclesiastical and legal translations require an advanced understanding of Latin.

Some linguistic facts:

  • Latin’s history has two distinct branches; Classical Latin and Vulgar Latin. Today, we study and translate Classical Latin, which was the language used by the ancient Romans. Vulgar Latin, on the other hand, is not used for modern translations but was the Latin spoken by civilians and has developed into modern Romance languages, which include French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The Romance languages now have more than 600 million first language speakers worldwide thanks to the success of the Roman Empire in ancient times.
  • Classical Latin is still highly respected as an academic translation language and is preserved largely by Universities and institutes of Law.
  • Classical Latin developed into Medieval Latin, which was used by the Roman Catholic Church and is also known as Ecclesiastical Latin.
  • A modern form of spoken Latin, called New Latin (or Neo-Latin), still exists but is only used by a small group of scholars and mainly for entertainment purposes.
  • Latin is a highly inflected language with a complicated grammar structure and requires a careful use of phrases and words to get the meaning across in writing and translation.

Romo offers Sworn (notarised) translations where documents can be sworn as certified translations of the originals. For a professional English-Latin translation service tailored to meet your company’s language needs, Contact Romo now for a free quote or visit our offices in Old Marylebone Road, London for more information on our translation services.

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