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Does your business have links with French speaking countries? Do you require superior and accurate translation? Perhaps you require interpretation? Look no further than London based Romo Translations. We have a commitment to our partners and customers of providing cost effective and quality French translation services in London. Our translation agency has a vast network of expert linguists, which does not only include professional French translators who translate from French and translate to French, but many mother-tongue speakers of other languages, as we offer translations for languages from all over the world with translators in London and elsewhere. Visit us online now to receive a free quote for your translation into French or translation of French into another language. All documents can be certified, legalised and/or notarised (Sworn translation) upon request.

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The need for a professional French translation is commonplace for many businesses around the world at present. French is spoken in 33 countries as the official or an official language. It is second only to English which is spoken officially in 45 countries. As a native language it is spoken in countries across the five continents. In many countries, although it is not an official language, it also plays an important role as an administrative, commercial or international language. It is therefore no surprise that an accomplished French translator is essential to any business requiring French language translation. French is one of the official working languages in dozens of international organisations, including the United Nations which has used our French translation company to translate some of their publications and information guides.

Whether you have a single page or a thick user manual, a persuasive presentation for a conference, or any other technical material, Romo Translations will provide you with the best French/ English translation service by responding quickly to your request for quote, respecting the agreed deadline and producing the high-quality work you demand. Our experienced translators are specialised in their fields, so that they can provide the best translation from English to French to reach and represent the target market of your document.

All our French language translator experts hold at least one degree in the field in order to translate French or carry out translation to French. They form part of our large database of professional translators who generally work, or have considerable experience in scientific, medical, legal, technical, commercial or academic areas.

French Interpreters

Romo Translations, aside from offering a French translation service from text, also offers verbal interpretations on a number of levels and situations. Interpreting assignments which our French interpreters work on cover short texts like medical instructions, excerpts from court hearings or brief letters. Our interpreters can also handle more in depth English/ French interpretations, such as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

We are a reliable and professional translation company providing excellent French translation services. We have a vast database of translators which means there is always a translator on call to translate English into French and translate from French to English to meet your French translations projects’ deadlines.
Leave your document in our hands and we will assign it to a capable bilingual and multi-lingual translator. All our translators are fully qualified and have the experience to deliver a prompt yet precise French document translation, whether it’s an essay, legal text, instruction manual, or any other French technical translation you need.

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