Medical Translators

Medical Translators

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Medical and pharmaceutical translation requires an advanced knowledge of medical terms in both languages concerned to produce an accurate document. In order to achieve this, London based professional translation agency Romo Translations employs medical translators who are fluent in at least four areas: English, the translation language, specialised medical terminology and the language conventions of medical practice in various countries. Documents can be notarised (sworn) or certified upon request.

Expert Medical Translators

Medical terminology, which all medical and pharmaceutical translations require, was developed as a supporting vocabulary to the complicated field of medical science. But while there are certain global scientific standards in place, each language has its own conventions for using medical terminology. As a result, not just any translator can produce an accurate and understandable pharmaceutical or medical translation, especially if they are relying on a dictionary rather than their own knowledge to translate terms. For example, 'anamnese' is a German word that has a similar English equivalent, 'anamnesis'; however, English-speaking doctors generally use the phrase 'patient's case history' instead. A pharmaceutical translator would have to be well aware of this convention.

Romo's medical translation professionals boast years of experience in the health or pharmaceutical industry, as well as expertise in linguistics and translations. The aim of these professional translators is to ensure that the documents are universally understood by health professionals and are delivered to the relevant parties without difficulties or delay.

Companies should be aware of three considerations when choosing a medical translation agency in the UK: efficiency of the translating service, the skills set of the professional interpreters, and the cost involved. Taking these considerations into account, Romo's pharmaceutical translation agency offers high quality and competitive services. Also offering sworn or certified translation, as well as financial translations feel free to contact us for a FREE QUOTE or visit our offices in Old Marylebone Road, London if you're still not convinced.

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