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At Romo Translations we have a long history of providing expert French Translation and Interpreting services with the support of our vast network of specialist translators and interpreters. There is a strong demand for professional French translation and interpreting services for many businesses in London and around the world, with French being spoken in 33 countries as the official or an official language. It is second only to English which is officially spoken in 45 countries, so ensuring you have experienced and professional translation services is vital.

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Accredited French Translators and Interpreters in:

  • French Scientific Papers
  • French Medical Reports
  • French Legal Documentation
  • French Technical Manuals
  • French Commercial
  • French Academic Areas
  • French Financial Reports
  • French Marketing and Advertising Materials

Confidential Translation

We understand the need for client confidentially and so all of our language translation work is done with the utmost discretion, ensuring our clients have peace of mind that their information is kept safe at all times.

Qualified French Translators

Every member of our London based translation network holds at least one degree in their specialised subject in order to translate to or from French with prefect accuracy. For every French translation project we start, we offer on-time delivery with an exceptionally high standard of results. All projects are completed by specialist translators who translate the French documentation to English in that specific subject and translation format.

We offer certified translation on each translation project where required.

Qualified French Interpreters

Romo Translations, London continues our commitment to our clients by providing French verbal interpretations to a range of complexity levels and business situations.

Interpreting projects which our French interpreters work on cover:

  • Short texts - like medical instructions
  • Excerpts from court hearings
  • Brief letters

Our expert French interpreters can also handle more in complex and detailed English/French interpretations, such as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

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