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UK Apostille Legalisation Services in London

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An Apostille will be required when public documents are being used in different countries that are party to the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. They are needed when a foreign authority seeks to ratify the legitimacy of a certificate as having been legally produced in the UK.

The apostille is predominantly required by those who are travelling abroad for business or study or alternatively an organisation that is taking-on an overseas contract or setting up an overseas business operation.

How does the Apostille Process Work?

If you are unaware of the types of documents that require an apostille or are confused by what is often a complex procedure, this is where we can help. We have the knowledge and experience of each aspect of the apostille process and can navigate the various channels.

The initial stage is to make sure that the documentation requiring an apostille is in a legal position to proceed. This aspect will highlight if the documentation needs to be certified by a qualified solicitor. There may also be the requirement for the documentation to be notary public. Some documents also should be an original version rather than presenting a certified copy. This all depends on the legal requirements. Once ready, the documents are couriered to the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) for their processing and the issuing of the apostille.

In cases where time is of the essence, we can personally take the documents to the FCO for processing and have them processed the same day. Once completed they can be couriered to you or sent via registered post. Naturally these would incur some additional fees.

On Time Apostilles

Our wealth of experience provides us with the knowledge and understanding of the apostille process and the government departments involved and the speeds at which they can process the documents. We can factor all these elements in in to our service to ensure we deliver on time.

To speak our specialists for fast turnaround UK Apostille Legalisation Services in London please call 0203 696 8680.

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