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Monday 19 October, 2020

When considering arranging a Power of Attorney for Egypt, many see it as being for their peace of mind. They feel secure that their affairs are being taken care of by a trusted family member or friend if a change in their circumstances mean they are not unable conduct their affairs themselves. 

Romo Translations are a trusted Power of Attorney for Egypt provider in London

Ensuring that you use a specialist in arranging Power of Attorney for Egypt will be a vital factor in the process. It is important that the documents have been accurately translated whilst also following all the required legal protocols. 

How can Power of Attorney for Egypt help you?

Power of Attorney for Egypt will help you and your family ensure that your affairs can be taken care of if you are somehow unable to carry them out yourself. The areas of family life that can be covered by Power of Attorney include:

  • General Power of Attorney – This empowers the agent complete power covering:
    • Your financial transactions
    • Your medical situation
    • Your legal matters

There are then the following which provides the agent with more specific and specified situations:

  • Limited Power of Attorney 
  • Special Power of Attorney 

The most common aspects of family life that we see for our Power of Attorney for Egypt services are:

  • Banking and Financial Powers
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates

The legalisation of documents for the Egyptian Power of Attorney follows a two stage process, which includes the need of a UK Apostille Stamp followed by an Egyptian Apostille Stamp provided by the Consulate. 

Our specialist Power of Attorney for Egypt service delivers all the necessary Egyptian to English or English to Egyptian translations to confirm that every document is accurate and the legal process runs smoothly.

Professional Arabic Translations

We understand that the need to have a Power of Attorney drawn up can often be at a sensitive time, particularly if it involves the need for medical translations in order to make possibly difficult medical decisions or there has sadly been a death in the family.  

Here at Romo Translations, we have a professional yet compassionate approach to all our clients, no matter what their circumstances are, to ensure that the Power of Attorney process runs as smoothly as possible.

If you, a family member or trusted friend are in the position that you need to arrange a Power of Attorney for Egypt, then please speak to one of our Power of Attorney specialists for the Egyptian Consulate in London on 0203 696 8680.

Read more about our trusted Power of Attorney for Egypt service.

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