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Scientific Paper Translation

Scientific Translations – The need for accuracy

Wednesday 2 March, 2016

It is commonly understood that to really forge your path in today’s scientific community, you will need to communicate your research in English. On the face of it, that doesn’t seem too bad, but it can cause significant issues if English is not your native language. Accurate scientific translations can be a vital tool in the progression of scientific projects.

A lack of understanding of the nuances and subtleties of the language, for example the wrong verb or preposition, can dramatically reduce the impact of the narrative and therefore reduce the likelihood of the paper ever being published. Additionally, if the translator doesn’t understand the exact terminology used within the paper itself, it can result in the same end. This is not only bad news for the science teams involved, but it is also bad news for science in general.

Whilst many science teams turn to the private sector for their scientific translation services, they often find that standard translation companies do not cover their field of expertise and therefore do not understand the exact terminology required. It makes finding the right translation company ever more important.

Further potential to increase the readership of scientific papers lies with translating the research and expanding to languages aside from English. It is estimated that one fifth of the scientific research is published in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin, which offers a huge opportunity to expand the knowledge share and speed up the dissemination of data across the globe.

The complexity and subtlety of detail means there is an ever present need for exact science translations in order to give confidence and the ability to persuade with new research and innovative ideas. As yet, technology cannot fully provide the level of accuracy required for scientific translations, therefore the community are still seeking the translation services elsewhere.

Romo Translations are highly experienced scientific translators with a detail knowledge and understanding of a wide range of specific science backgrounds. We work closely with the document author in order to ensure that the subtle nuances of particular research paper is captured and delivered accurately to the reader.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you helping you to develop your scientific translations and spread your research across the world.

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