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Medical Translations - A Global Need

Wednesday 27 April, 2016

With the expansion in global travel for both business and pleasure, there is an ever increasing need for professional medical translators to help health professionals translate medical records and for patients to understand their medicines and prescriptions. 

The need for accurate translations is further compounded by the changes of surgical choice, where patients can now choose to receive elected surgical procedures abroad. It is therefore vital that professional medical translators are available to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

What areas require medical translation?

Medical Translations will not simply apply to patients as there are a range of areas within the medical industry that require this service.  These include:

  • Medical Device Technical Papers
  • Cross Boarder Medical Trials
  • New Medicine Patient Information Leaflets
  • General Medical Informational Documents / Reports
  • Patient History
  • Consent Forms

It is clear that accurate, professional medical translation will be required at every stage of the process and this includes the pharmaceutical industry. In order for the medical teams to perform the surgical procedures safely, it will be vital they have access to translators to help the patient understand the process but also for them to resolve any concerns or fears the patient may have. This need continues throughout the recovery and healing stages in order that there is clear and effective communication between the patient and healthcare teams.

Medical Translations across Europe

The legal requirements across Europe are vitally important to understand when operating within these medical device and healthcare markets. There are a number of legal reasons for securing professional medical translation services when making medical information documents or medical devices. These relate to EU laws governing medicines as well as the differing categories of medical devices and diagnostic tests, which clearly stipulate what materials needs to be made available to both patients and healthcare professionals.

For example, within the EU, it is necessary by law to translate this type of information into the official languages of each country where the product is due to be marketed. However should the medical translation not happen, then the medical product cannot be sold, legally, in that country.  Therefore it makes an accurate, professional medical translation the only course of action.

The importance of Professional Medical Translation

Medical translations bear a close resemblance to financial and legal translations due to the fact that, should an error creep in, no matter how small, the consequences and be catastrophic for all involved. This is particularly true for medical translations as errors in medicine administration or surgical procedure could prove fatal. 

As pharmaceutical companies seek to open emerging markets with their products, they must closely monitor the accuracy of their translations as any errors, for example of dosage quantities, would prove dangerous and open up to high levels of litigations.  It is often that these areas will also require certified translations before the products will be allowed to market. In these important circumstances, only a professional legal and medical translation service can be used and online, non-human services simply would not cover the needs.

At Romo Translations we have many years’ experience dealing with a wide range of medical and certified translations.  Our expert team can work with almost every language and we ensure the highest level of confidentiality. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your medical translation requirements.  To contact us, please call 0845 262 0153


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