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Friday 12 November, 2021

German to English instruction manual translation services and English to German translations are essential for manufacturing companies in both countries. 

British manufacturing businesses that are continuing to export their products to Germany often require detailed and accurate English to German translations of their product instruction manual. These instruction manuals can be complex due to the nature of the product and its use, so the technical translator will need to be highly experienced to undertake such technical German translations. 

Equally, German to English translations, given Germany’s historic manufacturing and export base, will remain high, even given Brexit and the Pandemic affects. Therefore, businesses in both countries need a trusted technical translation partner. 

Different media types for technical German and English translations

In today’s digital world, there is a wide range of media that can be used for delivering the technical product information. Therefore, an important factor that must be considered is the continuity between the varying media types to help ensure there is a uniform approach.  

For example, the translated technical information could be delivered through software, websites or mobile devices as well as the traditional printed user manual.  Ensuring the entire range of outlets are covered during the translation project will be important for full and uniform coverage. 

Technical German and English translations at the right level 

It is possible that the user manual or product information sheet maybe used by a range of people with differing technical knowledge and expertise. Businesses must give some thought as to the different people that may reading the final instruction manual translation.  

For example, they could be engineers or scientists that have experience and a complete understanding of the complex technical aspects of the products. In this case, the German technical translations could contain all of the technical language used within the industry. 

However, the reader could be an end user that has no knowledge or understanding of the technical aspects of the product whatsoever and therefore simply needs to understand the product’s use in “layman terms”. 

Making sure the final translation is completed with your target user in mind will help the translator conveying the information in the most appropriate language and tone of voice, therefore delivering a better end result.

Accurate German Technical Translations

Often the nature of a technical translation means that there will be a combination of both words and figures throughout the document. It means that the German translator must ensure that the accuracy does not stop at the copy but must also apply to figures and unit translations. 

For example, making sure the translations have the correct number of decimal points is vital as it will have a significant impact when applying to products such as tables, dilutions, chemical makeup, or dosages. If the translations for these types of products are inaccurate it could have devastating consequences.

At Romo Translations we have many years’ experience in translating a wide range of complex technical German translations. Our highly qualified and experienced translators can handle projects including manufacture, engineering, scientific and pharmaceutical industries.  

Our expert technical German translators ensure the highest level of accuracy, no matter which or media types you are using with your product.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your technical translation requirements.  

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