¡Hola. We are Spanish Translators in London!

¡Hola. We are Spanish Translators in London!

Which Spanish words have no direct English translation?

Wednesday 20 February, 2019

We have looked at nation specific words before, which have no direct English translation, so we are now shining the light on Spanish words that have no direct English translation. There are words that are in everyday usage across the Spanish speaking world, but would be almost unknown across the English speaking world. 

Here we take a look at just a few of these unique Spanish words.

What does “Sobremesa” translate to in English?

The translation from Spanish to English for the word Sobremesa roughly means the time after finishing a meal, when the food has been cleared away, but the conversation continues at the table. This could be relevant at both social meals as well as the professional working meals.

How does “Estrenar” translate from Spanish to English?

The translation of Estrenar from Spanish to English is, again roughly, to mean that someone is using or wearing an item for the first time. This could also relate to starting a career or releasing a new product so it is important that the Spanish translator understands and considers its context during their translation. 

What does the Spanish word “Tutear” translate to in English?

The translation of tutear could be of particular importance when understanding the formalities of introductions within a business or social environment. The translation from Spanish to English meanstreating a person you initially meet in an informal manner by addressing them as "tú" instead of the more formal "usted.". In some circumstances, this could be deemed as rude, so it’s important to understand to avoid any embarrassing situations. 

It is possible that these words are going to arise during an everyday business meeting, so we have highlighted these particular words to show that to deliver accurate Spanish translations the translator will need to be aware that these unique words exist and should be aware a similar situation could arise in their Spanish translation projects. 

These are a small sample of the unique words that Spanish Translators will encounter requiring their experience as a professional Spanish translator to ensure the correct meaning and context is made in the final translated document.

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