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Monday 10 February, 2020

Professional translation services are vital to every business that trades with another country. We have written many articles about the importance of accurate and professional translations within the business community. Here, we are specifically turning the spot light on the food industry as the global awareness of food allergies increase, so then does the importance of accurate translation of the ingredients and cooking instructions.

Ingredients and Food Allergen Translation 

Food is exported to and imported from all over the world with a wide range of ingredients which, if the user is not familiar with the nature of the ingredient, could potentially cause allergy issues. This is a particular issue with the wide range of nuts, in particular, that could prove fatal in the worst cases. 

The food ingredients and dietary translations must also adhere to the legal requirements of the country in which the product will be used. The UK has a stringent legal framework that all food and drink packaging must cover, therefore if you are importing a product from outside the UK that requires translation, it is vital you ensure an accurate translation that meets these legal factors. For example, the allergens must be clearly stated, as too should the caffeine or alcohol content if they are at levels not suitable for children or during pregnancy. Even down to the most common ingredient in the product needing to appear first on the list. A professional food packaging translator must be aware of all of these points before starting the translation work. 

It is also worth noting that, as with the ingredients, the food cooking instructions must also be accurately translated into the target language. 

Food and Drink Marketing Translation

The marketing messages of food should also be taken into consideration when looking at translating the packaging. This is because across the food industry there are marketing messages contained on the packaging itself. For example, the packaging could state how good a specific ingredient is for health, or how others are lower in fats, salt or sugar. These messages must also comply with the legal stature of the country but be accurate as to the levels or health benefits. 

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