Grow your business with translation.

Grow your business with translation.

Translation Service Helping to Grow your Business

Wednesday 15 July, 2015

At Romo Translations, London, we have the translation and interpreter experience to help companies across the world succeed in communicating with everyone connected to their business. As the global economy picks itself up after years of difficulty, it is opening up new markets for companies to explore. In order to effectively enter and succeed in the new territories, it is vital for an organisation to accurately communicate with its new customers.

Here we look at the areas we cover to support your business growth.

1 – New Customers

Customers are understood to predominantly purchase their goods and services in their native language. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your websites and all marketing materials are accurately translated into the relevant language, ensuring that the subtle cultural nuances are taken care of. It has been estimated that of those companies who actively export to other countries as part of their business strategy, they are likely to be missing up to 70% of internet users if their website is written in English only. In order to attract new customers within your export territories it is highly recommended you have your website translated to the associated native language.

The most frequently used languages to consider for translation are:

2 – Existing Customers

Ensuring that you maintain a strong connection with your existing client base is also a vital component to delivering a successful service and growing sales. Communication with your customers in their native language will help to forge an excellent working relationship, avoids any costly misunderstandings and drives customer satisfaction.

3 – Suppliers

Accurate translation of documents with suppliers is a vital factor for your business as errors can be costly, particularly if quantities, pricing or product specifications are misunderstood. Translation software will be able to give you a broad understanding of an email or letter, however only a professional translator will be able to provide a detailed and accurate translation, so avoiding the inaccuracy pitfalls.

 4 – Employees

Many larger organisations have offices across the world which naturally means that many different languages will be spoken within the company. It is therefore essential for both the company and the employee that important HR documentation is accurately translated in to the native language of the office to avoid any misunderstanding.

It is often the case that an organisation does not want to employ translators or interpreters on a full time basis so look to outsource this area of their business. This is where Romo translations can help, by being that essential link between new and existing clients, suppliers and their employees. 

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