Romo Translations Chinese interpreters provide services at the China Business Forum.

Translating at the China Business Forum

Friday 15 November, 2013

The Romo Translations team visited and helped out at the China Business Forum in London earlier this month. Being a translation services agency, we were excited to get involved in the multicultural event as it meant we were given the chance to show off our skills. The forum, hosted by the London Business School, lasted the whole day and featured many important speakers. The list included China’s embassy Minister-Counsellor Shen Yang, and the Global Head of Capital Financing at HSBC, Spencer Lake.

The conference was set to cover the topic of ‘The China Dream’, a concept first brought up by Chinese president President Xi Jinping. The term refers to a changing Chinese economy that hopes to better those working with and in the country. The day brought together both businessmen and thought leaders from Asia and Europe in discussion about the future of China. Talks surrounded problems facing the global business environment and ideas on new market opportunities.

Throughout the day our highly skilled London certified chinese translations personnel interpreted speeches covering a wide variety of topics from shifting business landscapes and finance, to cross-border business investments. With 20 different nationalities and over 250 professional and academic delegates in attendance, Romo Translations had our work cut out for us. Because we specialise in business and finance translation services we were able to ensure that the messages from the keynote speakers were translated properly and accurately so that everyone in attendance got the full experience.

The language of business is a worldwide one, and communication is of key importance. We at Romo Translations were proud to be a part of the event, and to play our part in making a better working world through understanding. If you need experienced translators for your business, see what Romo Translations can offer you on our website.

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