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The Quiet Importance of Translation

Wednesday 6 December, 2017

Translation and interpreting are often amongst the most important, but hidden, skills behind some of the many significant events throughout the world today. When considering the nature of global affairs, from Brexit to the Middle East through to the pressure of the Korean Peninsular, the importance of highly detailed and accurate translation comes in to sharp focus. This importance also filters through to businesses and individuals alike as we consider the range of documents needed for trade, employment and even personal health.

Translation in the media

Translations across the media is becoming an important part of news dissemination as the facts and figures being quoted in one country, may need validating and translating accurately to be reported in another. It also helps to report on the various political, economic and social issues that occur every day around the world. Without accurate translation, significant points, facts and figures could be omitted or worse still, wrong. This is why professional translation services are working in the background to ensure the news is delivered precisely how it is occurring. 

Translation across websites

Although automated translation technology is currently available for online information, there are significant pitfalls to using this for the translation of websites. There are many companies that tailor their website languages to the countries in which they operate. Where products or service information is required, alongside information about the company itself and the people in it, these automated translations can make some terrible mistakes. This was particularly evident where a social media post was incorrectly translated in a phrase that caused a great deal of offence.

By using a professional and “real-life” translator to accurately translate each regions website, your company can rest assured that the details being published will be accurate and will not cause any misunderstandings or offence.

Translations behind the scenes

The above are just two examples amongst many that could be made of how professional translation services work quietly in the background making sure that business, individuals and even media and political outlets benefit from accurate and professional translation services.

Here at Romo Translations, we have been quietly working behind the scenes in many different companies helping to support their businesses as they trade across boarder.  Our translators ensure they deliver accurate and professional translations.

If you would like to find out more about how Romo Translations can help you and your business, please contact us on 0203 696 8680. 

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