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The Importance of Japanese Translations in the UK

Tuesday 9 July, 2019

Japanese translations within the UK are likely to increase in importance as the UK moves closer to Brexit from the European Union. So how can British businesses ready themselves to dealing with the Japanese market as both an export and import partner? Ensuring that businesses have access to accurate and professional Japanese translators will form a vital part of their preparation plans. 

Here we look at 2 significant areas that businesses should be preparing themselves for, by ensuring they have the marketing and business communications accurately translated in to Japanese / English. 

Japanese Business Translators

With trade between Japan and the UK reaching close to £10bn a year, Japan is the UK’s 7th largest trading partner. This is close to an even split between goods and services, so the translations required between Japanese and English will need to cover a wide range of industries. The four key industry sectors which make the majority of the trade, and therefore require more Japanese translations are:

  • Motor Industry
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Machinery
  • Financial Services

The need for professional and accurate Japanese translation will cover a huge array of materials, with just a few including:

  • Japanese Contract Translation
  • Import / Export Documentation
  • Terms and Conditions 
  • Product and Services Price / Charge Sheets
  • Japanese Compliance Documentation Translation
  • Japanese Technical User Manuals
  • Technical Drawings
  • Scientific Documents
  • Website(s) – Including URL, SEO, Tags
  • Japanese Social Media Translation

Japanese Travel & Tourism to UK

As we wrote in our previous article “Japanese Tourism set to increase – is translation a problem?” we can see that Japanese translations resulting from an increase in tourism has been seen across the leisure industry. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions have the opportunity to support and therefore increase their visitor numbers by providing accurate English to Japanese translations for menus, services and general information. 

This particular industry sector has huge potential and ensuring that accurate Japanese translations are available will help to support the growth. 

Cultural Differences

There are naturally going to be cultural differences between the two languages along with the styles of lettering and the sentence structures. 

A professional Japanese translator will need to understand and accurately translate these nuances to ensure the final translated document makes absolute sense in both Japanese and English. 

As can be seen, there is a huge amount of documentation and communication channels that would benefit from professional Japanese to English translation. If you’re looking to for a professional Japanese translation service in London, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us on 0203 696 8680.

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