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The Importance of Accurate Chinese Translation

Wednesday 30 November, 2016

The Importance of Accurate Chinese Translation for Business and Personal Documentation

In a post-Brexit Britain, there are clear signs that Chinese Translation and Interpreting Services could well be in greater demand over the coming years. For example, there have been a number of high profile investments by the Chinese business world, including the new power station at Hinkley Point C. Couple this with further trade negotiations, it seem likely the demand for Chinese translations and translators will continue to grow.

With this continued investment, there is likely to be an increase in the number and complexity of translation services required. These cannot simply be dealt with by automated translation systems as the cultural and technical nuances will be far too intricate for an accurate translation. It’s only in the hands of a professional Chinese translator that the accuracy will be high.

Chinese translation in Business

As Chinese businesses look to expand in to the UK it is strongly advised that they recruit professional Chinese translation services to cover the vast range of complex documentation that they need for trading. If inaccurate translations occur in any of the documents it could prove highly damaging to the organisation.

The affects are likely to include:

  • Reputational Damage
  • Impacts on your Brand
  • Internal Communication Failures
  • Financial Implications
  • Legal Consequences

Chinese Translation for Personal Documents

With an increase in Chinese businesses, it stands to reason that there will be an increase in the numbers of people moving to work in the UK.  This will have an effect on their personal documentation that will also require accurate translation.

When having any Personal Documentation translated to or from Chinese, it is essential to understand the consequences of inaccuracy. Considering the types of documents that are classified as Personal Documentation, it’s easy to understand how dire the situation could be if the wrong Chinese translation was supplied.

The various documents that can be classified as personal include:

  • Financial Documentation
  • Medical Records & Documentation
  • Employment References
  • Educational Certificates
  • Passports
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates

Confidential Chinese Translation

Due to the nature of the content of both Personal and Business documents, the content is likely to be highly confidential. It is for this reason that the Chinese translator must treat every client’s information with the upmost respect and discretion. Selecting a professional Chinese Translator is vitally important to ensuring accuracy for the translations.

Here at Romo Translations we deliver translations that capture the finest of nuances and complexities, within context, and are appropriately translated either to or from Chinese. We work with a total non-disclosure policy helping deliver confidentially and peace of mind to all our clients.

We always take pride in providing accurate translations between Chinese and every language around the world. We continue to deliver Chinese translations in all aspects of both business and personal documentation so would welcome your call for your next Chinese translation.

Please call us on 0203 696 8680. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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