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Wednesday 11 November, 2015

Russian translators have always been well known and respected within the business and technology realms, with professional Russian translators ensuring they keep up to date with the new technological additions (link to previous articles) as they arise. The progress in translation services has been at the heart of successful business transactions for companies across the world for many years.

However, there is also a very strong requirement for a Russian translation service within the arts and culture world that has seen an increase of translations for Russian plays, literature and even tourism. A prime example of this according to the Guardian newspaper is a Russian tour guide, based in Moscow, with many years of experience assisting tourists to discover the Russian capital, is amongst the world's top ten tour guides.

Continuing this cultural exchange is the recent news of the collaboration between the London’s National Portrait Gallery and Moscow's State Tretyakov Gallery swapping a selection of their most precious portrait paintings.  This joint partnership is in celebration to mark the 160th anniversary for each museum and will see important works by artists such as Modest Mussorgsky, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Leo Tolstoy coming to London, while paintings of William Shakespeare, Mary Wollstonecraft and Thomas Carlyle will go the other way to Moscow.

With these increases across the arts and culture, it shows that Russian translations are more important than ever for both the business and cultural arenas.  It’s vital that accurate translation services are available to bolster these exchanges and ensure they are not derailed through poor translation.

At Romo Translations we have taken pride in supporting cultural exchanges between native Russian creativity and every language around the world, alongside successful communication for businesses. We continue to support Russian translation of in all aspects of business and the arts, so we would welcome your call for your next Russian translation project.

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