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Medical Translation – Speaking with patients who don't use the same language

Friday 26 August, 2016

It is well known that accurate medical translations and interpreting are vital for the safe treatment of patients. Ensuring that both the medical team / healthcare professionals and the patients themselves understand each other can be a challenging problem with such a wide variety of languages spoken in the UK.

In addition to having a professional translation and interpreting company being available to help out over the phone, there are other simple to follow tips that can help get the correct message across, especially when attempting to describe how to take a medicine:

Use of  physical visual cues – making use of body language and simple sign language, for example gesturing or pointing to different medication, can be of help if there’s no other way to get your message across.

Use of pictorial cues – Try using relevant and appropriate pictures or other images at hand to help illustrate your advice.

Try the translation of key medical phrases by carefully learning a few common words and phrases in the most used languages in your area. It can often prove to be a very useful way to communicate with your patients.

Using simple and clear language, even when speaking in English, making sure you avoid using any unnecessary medical terms and or clinical jargon will also further help your patients to understand you more easily.

Areas that require medical translation or Interpreters

It is worth remembering that medical translations do not simply apply to speaking with your patients, as there are a wide range of areas within the medical industry that require translation or interpreting services.  These areas include:

  • Medical / Pharmaceutical Technical Papers
  • International Medical Trials
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • General Medical Informational Documents / Reports
  • Patient’s Medical History
  • Patient Consent Forms

Remembering the importance of professional medical translations

We have mentioned this before, however it is worth noting here again that medical translations have a very close resemblance to financial and legal translations. This is in no small part due to the consequences for all involved if an error creeps in to the translations, no matter how small. The difference with medical translations is that, if an error is made, it can prove to be fatal.

Here at Romo Translations, we have many years’ experience dealing with a wide range of medical and certified translations.  Our expert team can work with almost every language and we ensure the highest level of confidentiality. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your medical translation or interpreting requirements.  To contact us, please call 0845 262 0153

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