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Italian Translations – How do you translate the untranslatable?

Monday 17 September, 2018

Many languages have words almost unique to their country and culture that prove incredibly difficult to directly translate in to a single word, Italian is no different. They have words in use today that even the most experienced translator would find hard to translate in to a single word and so must use a much longer phrase to convey the actual meaning and context together. Here we have a look at just some of these words.

What is the English Translation of “Apericena”?

We all know the love of Italian food and wine, it is near enough universal. However there is a word which doesn’t directly translate in to English… Apericena. So what does it mean? Well, in short, it is the cross between a pre-dinner drink (an aperitif) and the dinner itself. The word describes the serving of a drink and free food at the same time! So as you can see, there is certainly no direct English translation in a single word. 

What does “Qualunquismo” mean in English?

Although the word could be translated as a form of “whatever” and “indifference” this particular word is specifically the attitude of apathy and lack of any trust against politics. In English there is no specific word for the sceptical and lack of trust in political field. 

How does “Sprezzatura” translate from Italian to English?

A close translation of this in to English would be a very well simulated lack of any concern or nonchalance when dealing with people or a situation. It appears that you are dealing with the situation well without giving much thought about it, even though others may not deal with that situation with as much calmness. As you can see, the translation from Italian to English is not particularly straightforward. 

These are just a few examples of the words that Italian Translators come across that will require their professional translator’s skills to ensure the correct meaning and context is portrayed in the final translated document.

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Any one of these areas could easily have unique words in Italian that will require careful consideration for the English translation. 

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