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Wednesday 9 August, 2017

French Translation is often a vital aspect for businesses and individuals dealing with any one of the 33 countries across the world that use it as their official language. From our offices in London, we are well connected to help the many businesses across a wide range of industries deliver their goods and services. We are also supporting individuals with a range of personal documentation.

Here we look at a specific case study that will help highlight how the translations have helped our customers.

French Translation for DBS Checks

We are regularly involved in supporting French applicants with in their search for employment. This is particularly the case for those entering an industry that requires a higher level of security checking. We translate the relevant documentation for Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS), previously known as Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB). By their nature, these documents are vital for our customers, so we agree timescales and details in advance to ensure our customers receive everything they need from us in time.

Short Notice French Translation Services

Our French translators are also on hand to help in times of need. One of our recent customers needed help when they lost their passport. They were required to fill in the police paperwork, so our translators support them during the process and ensured an accurate translation was supplied to the authorities. This is a prime example of how Romo Translations can help at short notice.

French Translations for Legal Documentation

Our expert Legal French translators recently worked on a project to assist a law firm whose case papers needed to be submitted to the French courts. Our team discussed the project and agreed the timescales before undertaking the project. The paperwork was then translated and proof read prior to being sent back to the client.

Our team of French translators are highly qualified and experienced and have many years’ experience translating a wide range complex documentation from French to English and vice versa.

Each one of our French translators is qualified and is an expert in the field from which the document originates, be that for businesses or personal documentation. This means they can accurately understand and translate the subtle nuances to deliver the highest quality translation.

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