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Wednesday 23 June, 2021

English to French translations and French to English translation services have taken a step closer to being the norm for dealing with EU Parliament Agencies.

As France takes the EU Presidency next year, between January 2022 to June 2022, they have voiced their intention to change the dominant language used between agencies and business from English to French. This forms part of their drive to promote the use of French across the world, including in global trade.

The use of French instead of English is also expected to include meetings, either virtual or face-to-face. This further raises the potential requirement for businesses to use French Interpreters for those that do not speak French.

It appears that this may only be for the six-month period that France holds the EU Presidency, however there is no certainty that the French First position won’t be retained after the Presidency moves on.

English speaking businesses need to prepare for French translations

For the UK businesses that deal with the EU and do not retain their own in-house translation service, the remaining six months before the switch occurs can be used to get their translation requirements in place.

This will provide the potential to arrange English to French translations for:

  • Business and trade contracts translations
  • Policy documentation translations
  • Questions to legal agencies translations
  • Medical translations
  • Report translations
  • Certified and Notary Translation Services

For the businesses now preparing for the changes, these six months will allow time for a more comprehensive review of all the documentations they use and which ones need to take priority for the English to French translations.

Process for finding the right translation and interpreting service

There are a range of factors that organisations need to consider when selecting the best translation company for their business documentation.

The business will need to check:

  • The translator / interpreter’s qualifications and experience, in particular that they are native French speakers to ensure accuracy.
  • Pricing structure is important, so obtaining quotes will be required.
  • The speed the translation agency can turnaround the translations. Speed can sometimes be of the essence.
  • The ease of use for the service e.g. the translation agency’s structure and processes for dealing with their client’s work is easy and smooth to deal with.
  • Where certified translations are required, the business will need to check that the translation agency that they select is legally approved to work across the EU.

Romo Translations have over 30 years’ experience in the translation and interpreting sector, spanning practically every language across five continents.

Our in-house expert French translators and interpreters have specialised in a wide range of industries, including: the legal, medical/pharmaceutical, scientific and financial sectors.

This breadth of skills and experience means that no matter which department you need to deal with in the EU, we can support your French translation needs.

Now is the time to get your English to French translations underway so that you are ready for January 2022.

Please give one our team a call  on 0203 696 8680  if you would like to discuss your specific translations needs.

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