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Certified Translation Services - What you need to know

Thursday 30 June, 2016

There are many situations both in personal and business translation needs that a certified translation is required. Here we discuss what a certified translation is and where is often applied.

In the world of translation services the term “certified translationrefers to the precise translation of documents from one language to another by a fully qualified and experienced translator declaring that they are wholly conversant in both chosen languages in order to be able to accurately translate the document. The professional translator will also guarantee that their final translated document is complete and accurate.

There can be a number of situations where you need to get your document translation certified. This can frequently be the case when legal documents, such as birth or marriage certificates, are translated or other documentation that are planned for official use, such as business and trade contracts.

The following highlights the differing types of certified translations that we can offer our clients.

Certified Translator / Translation Company

Officially there is no defined formal way that a translator can be authorised to certify translations within the UK, however it is frequently accepted by the requesting client for the translator to declare that they are an experienced and professional translator, stating that they believe the final translation to be a ‘true and accurate translation of the original’.

It is of course possible that anyone who claims to be a professional translator could make this statement. It is for this reason that it is always advisable to ensure that the translator declare their relevant qualifications to add weight to their claim.

It is worth noting that it is also possible for professional translation companies to self-certify their translations, on behalf of their translators, again declaring their relevant credentials.

Sworn Translator

In some territories it is possible for translators to register with an official authority as a “Sworn Translator”. When the translator does register they become recognised by these authorities, including bodies such as the High Court of Justice, to be able to translate and legalise documents.  This is often referred to as producing a ‘certified translation’.

However within the UK there is no such entity as a Sworn Translator, as there is no established or recognised body that gives authorisation to legalise or certify.

At Romo Translations we are a member of the Association of Translation Companies London Translations which provides the peace of mind that we are qualified translators and have the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver the certified translations.

Certification in front of a solicitor

Having your documents certified in front of a solicitor is similar to the points made with the certified translator and translation company. The most significant difference between the two is that the translated document is signed in the presence of a Solicitor (or Notary Public) declaring that the documentation is true to the original. At this point the Solicitor also signs the certification and seal as proof that it has been witnessed.

It also worth noting that, as with the Certified Translator or Translation Company, it is possible for them to falsely make the claim that they are qualified and professional translators, therefore checking all their qualifications and experience will be a worthwhile exercise.

It is likely that the Solicitor (or Notary Public) will not actually understand the language translated within the documentation, the presence of an official seal, often wax, does not guarantee that the final translation is accurate.  

And remember, there will likely be a fee for certification in front of a solicitor.

Here at Romo Translations we ensure that you receive the highest level of accuracy and professional service to give you peace of mind that your certified translations are exact. If you would like to discuss your next certified translation requirements, we would welcome your call. We can be contact on 0845 262 0153 or email info@romo-tranlsations.com

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