The skilled translators at Romo specialise in the following industries:

Legal Document Translations

We have more than two decades experience in handling the professional translation of legal documents. Our translators are well versed in the legal and technical terminology included in these documents, and can offer legal translations of the highest quality, in a variety of languages.

Visit the Legal Translations page to find out more about our legal, certified and notarised translations.

Medical/ Pharmaceutical 

Translators specialising in medical and pharmaceutical translation services must have a sound knowledge of medical terminology in multiple languages in order to produce accurately translated medical documents.

It is absolutely crucial that a medical translation be clearly understood by healthcare professionals in both the original and translated languages. That’s why the experienced medical and pharmaceutical translation professionals at Romo are meticulous in their work, ensuring that all medical documents are translated with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

To find out more about our work in the healthcare translation industry, visit our Pharmaceutical Translations page.

Local and International Financial Translations

Our professional translators can be trusted to handle the translation of official financial and banking documents with discretion and efficiency. Over the years, we’ve provided local and international clients with financial translations of the highest quality.

Visit the Financial Translation page for further information about our translation of banking and business documents.

Technical and Scientific Translation

The Romo team also specialises in technical translations, providing clients with accurately translated documents such as user manuals, engineering specifications and software. We have an excellent track record in the technical and scientific translation industry.

To find out more about our team’s technical and engineering translations, visit the Technical Translation page.